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If you live in Northeast Ohio you’re probably familiar with this term. As winter starts to subside and transition into spring potholes show up in many of the city streets. Most of our streets are covered by asphalt, which is compressed gravel held together with tar. This material is fine in warm weather but not the best when the weather fluctuates. I always thought that salt on the roadways is what caused potholes. That idea isn’t accurate.

What causes potholes is when the temperature keeps going from hot to cold, in a repeated cycle. The cold causes water to freeze in the asphalt causing it to tighten. The warm temperatures cause the ice to melt leaving the asphalt loose. When pressure comes, any pressure, the asphalt breaks away in chunks leaving potholes in the roads.

This is the condition of many men. We wonder why people have a tendency to be reserved around us or handle us with a long arm. We tend to be up one day and down the next. We’re all in one minute and wishy washy the next. Not being true to our word, not swearing to our own hurt. The only thing we have is our word. We must learn to commit to doing what we say and not make emotional decisions. Even God said, “I’d rather you be hot or cold but because you’re lukewarm I’ll spit you out. ” (Rev. 3:15,16). When we vacillate, it causes potholes in our lives, our character and our relationships. Men it’s time we stand firm on our word and be faithful to what we say. It’s time we patch up the potholes we created.

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