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In the beginning God created man. (Gen.1:27) After creating man he then formed man. (Gen.2:7) Before creating man, God spoke everything into existence. However, the forming of man was delicate. God didn’t leave it to his word but formed man with his hands. To form something means to apply pressure. The forming of man is a delicate process in that the pressure must be applied in just the right places with just right amount of force. Man in his created state, had no form which means he had no value. It is the forming process that gives him value.

Take a coin, for instance, its value is added when the impression is added (formed by pressure). Without the forming it is merely a piece of metal. The form gives it value. As with men, form gives you value. Form comes by way of life challenges. Rich, poor, American or foreign, life will bring you challenges. This is designed to form you. Forming happens when you push back, fight back, don’t give up or give in, but you deal with each obstacle so that it teaches you to be a better man, husband or father.

As men we were created in Gods image but its the forming by his hand that gives us value. We all have been faced with challenges and obstacles both great and small. Nevertheless, we must fight back. Fight for our homes. neighborhoods and family. Most of all fight for our dignity and integrity. No more shrinking back, time for us to step up and take control of everything in our lives. Forgetting those things which are behind let’s move forward with a greater determination to succeed and be better. The world is waiting for you.

Be Blessed

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