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When I was young I loved to, play outside. And in our neighborhood there was always people sitting on there porches watching us. When we would walk to the candy store we would see adult men sitting around drinking and talking about…..umm… I don’t know. This was a consistent theme as I began to realize. As I grew older I began to realize these were porch people. That must be there job because that’s all I’ve seen them do. Sitting on the porch watching life go by.

Has the issues of life caused you to evolve into a porch person? Have bad decisions paralyzed you so now you’re afraid to make a decision? I’m sure these people didn’t desire to be porch people when they were kids, something happened along the way. Life happens, things happen, but we can’t forget what we’re trying to achieve. Life will bring about setbacks and disappointments but we can’t give up or throw in the towel.

Keep going, don’t give up. If it’s not death it’s not final. It’s time for us to get off the porch and get back to living. You have goals and dreams that won’t happen until you make them happen. You were built for this and created for such a time as this. Greater things are waiting for you but they won’t be achieved until you get off that porch. Success is addictive, one taste of it and you’ll want more.

Be Blessed

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Aury's World !
Aury's World !
07 abr 2021

Lovely... check your grammar and spelling please... blessings!

Me gusta
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